H2O in HD

Thank you to all 2015 participants!

Look for a call to entries for next year's contest Spring 2016!

waterSmart, a program of Cobb County-Marietta Water Authority in partnership with Cobb County Water System, is searching for a Public Service Announcement and wants your help.
Work on your own or with a team of your school mates to create a 30-60 second video PSA showcasing the value of water and importance of water conservation.
We'll be giving away cash prizes to the top three entries - with half of the prize money going to the winning student or team of students and half to their school -$500 for 1st place, $300 for 2nd place and $100 for 3rd place.

The 2015 H2O in HD Challenge is officially over! A huge thank you goes out to all students and administrators who participated!

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For additional information on H2O in HD, please email waterSmart@duffey.com

E-mail waterSmart@duffey.com for more information.

To view all entries, visit www.youtube.com/watersmartprograms.